Here's a delicious little story about squid ink.


Squid or cuttlefish ink is the melanin of the cephalopod. The dynamic black color brings a dramatic and exotic look to a dish.  Smartly incorporated into the right dish, it will transport you to a beautiful day on the Mediterranean.  It adds a luxuriousness to things.


Now for even better news.  Squid ink provides nutrition and happiness!  Squid ink contains dopamine, iron and many antioxidants. 

What does squid ink taste like?  Slightly sweet, a little salty, and oceanic. It should not at all taste fishy.  

The ink can be incorporated while making pasta, or in pasta dishes.   Add the ink to Paella or rice dishes. 

Squid Ink goes great with seafood. 

Add squid ink to make a sauce luxurious.

Pairs nicely with an acid for fatty meats or a delicate piece of foie gras.

Squid ink is a specialty of Venice, Italy.


Squid Ink Paella:  Takes your paella to the rich and buttery level!  The squid ink taste is well balanced with white wine and garlic.



Seafood Lasagna:  Briny seafood, lemony béchamel, crisp english peas, silky squid ink pasta, with sweet, tart kumquat marmalade.