Back in 2010 I had the opportunity while teaching at the French Culinary Institute to join a small group of my fellow chef’s on a bourbon trail in Kentucky.  I went as a novice not knowing “Jack” about bourbon.

I found the tours of the distilleries and cooperage very interesting.  They explained to us what steps they take in making really great bourbons.  I think one of the highlights of the trip was visiting a cooperage.  We watched the barrel making process and how each barrel was charred to the distillers specifications.

Bourbon has become more popular over the years in sweet and savory preparations.  Bourbon is a major component in a vast variety of great southern dishes.

This weekend I felt inspired to make a pork dish that was bright, light, and full of flavor.  This pork tenderloin brings me back to a wonderful time spent in Kentucky.

This pork tenderloin was marinated in bourbon, honey and dijon mustard before grilling.  I’ve garnished the pork with pickled pears and whole grain mustard. I served this dish with some beautiful red swiss chard and sweet potato pomme pailles.