If you are Minnesotan, you are familiar with Hotdish.  Hotdish is a Midwestern icon developed by housewives in the early 1930's. 

Hotdish consists of:

  • Protein, usually ground beef.
  • Frozen vegetables, carrots, corn, peas or string beans.
  • Pasta or potatoes
  • Canned soup of Cream of Mushroom or Cream of Chicken undiluted.
  • Crispy topping of Tater Tots, Fried French Onions, or Chow Mein Noodles

Outside of Minnesota, Hotdish is referred to as a Casserole, named after the pan in which it's cooked. There are spectacular international dishes of which this is also true. Spain for their Paella, France for Cassoulet, and Central Italy for Lasagna for example.

The Crandall family grew up eating Hotdish and my Mom still makes it. You can find authentic recipes, and other Minnesota favorites in a cookbook my parents wrote after closing their Cafe after almost 40 years of business. All proceeds have been donated to The Scleroderma Foundation which I am proud to say has totaled around $12,000. to date.









As a Chef, here is my haute version:


  • Ground Beef seasoned with sauteed garlic, onions, and fresh thyme.
  • Haricot Verts
  • Sauteed Crimini mushrooms
  • Sunchoke puree with Creme Fraiche
  • Pommes Darphin finished with Truffle oil


So if you ever find yourself in Minnesota, try the Hotdish, it's a regional favorite.  Or try this version of Hautedish!