Chef Janet's perfectly prepared Beef Wellington for your Valentine.

Beef Wellington is an intricate endeavor.  A thick cut of beef cooked to tender perfection while wrapped in a delicate, flaky pastry - filled with flavor and melting in your mouth - with a rich wine reduction sauce that just astonishes your tastebuds.  A lithe Pommes Maxine perches atop.

Pat LaFrieda, America's foremost purveyor of fine meats, says of Chef Janet's Wellington:

"Chef Janet brings to life the one cut of beef that naturally has the least amount of flavor by transforming it into an addictive dish that has as much visual appeal as it does taste -  satisfying the quest for the ultimate beef experience."

Are you ready for the ultimate beef experience?  Are you ready for Wellington?  Enjoy this dish prepared in your home for Valentine's Day - or learn to make this universal favorite and impress your honey, make your friends pine for it or treat the kids to a hearty reward for their great grades.

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