Individual or Group Private Knife Skills Instruction

knife cuts 4.png
knife cuts 4.png

Individual or Group Private Knife Skills Instruction

from 320.00

Individual fee is $320, $70 per person for each additional participant.

3hr.  private instruction.

Knife handling, sharpening and cutting techniques.  Understanding the correct way of holding and using the knife.  You will start with basic vegetable cuts, progressing to more advanced skills.

The following techniques are tought: Emincer, Ciseler, Julienne, Brunoise, Jardiniere, Macedoine, Paysanne, Chiffonade, Hacher, Mirepoix.

You are encouraged to bring your knives, so together we can assess what you have.  After assessment, I will supply the knives you may still need.

Price includes cost of ingredients.

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Please read Terms and Conditions carefully.   Before class begins, participant(s) will sign a release.

Video or audio recording of instruction is permitted.